severoth – cамітність / solitude (2016)

severoth is the ukrainian one-man project and the man himself. and his second full-length album, “solitude” is the album title and the feel it gives.

the album includes over one hour of minimal themes with quite generous repetitions, which would tire the listener out in other conventional forms of music. however, in this atmospheric black metal release, those repetitions lay the foundations of the feel he wishes to create, supported by the very deep and distant sound. the foundation of the musical structure is keyboard; mostly haunting, depressive and recurring chords. under the lead of the keyboard, solid (ringing) guitar riffs support the melody and the slow/mid-tempo drum (machine?) is very neat. the album, for the great part is instrumental and the occasional shriek/anguish vocals complement the music so beautifully.

after the obligatory intro composed of eerie keyboard & night time bird hoots, the album explodes with echoing shrieks, double-bass drum attack and the trademark keyboard chords. the first half hour includes two intertwined opening tracks, with simple and recurring keyboard themes. again, a generous time is afforded for the melodies to build and rather stretchy ambient keyboard passages, enriched by natural effects such as blowing wind, storm and hoots, also whispers.

then comes the rather ambient, keyboard heavy autumn’s breath pt. 1&2 and a glowing masterpiece “last birds” in between. that song seems to be everything he wanted to achieve, with a brilliant balance of fury and desperation and the perfect intro & outro. the album closes with a 15 minute-long instrumental, which carries the repetition formula, with heavy use of piano chords, ending the dark and cold experience.

the album would be a fine choice to listen to at night with headphones and attain some of the deepest feelings through black metal. somehow reminiscent of ambient – era burzum. a solid atmospheric piece, making me expectant for more.


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