septuagint – negative void trinity (ep, 2014)

the greek school of black metal usually leans toward the theatrical / operatic side of things. and you have the emphasis on melody. what we have is a first taste of a good new greek black metal act. the sound is a warm welcome back to the roots, with fine distorted chord & tremolo, organic drums (with a raw snare) and roaring vocals with precious few clean singing. and structurally, it is anything but shocking, especially after the jaw dropping releases of the last few years from iceland. i should elaborate on that, septuagint take their time for melodies and passages to develop, with respect to conventional scales. tempo shifts, and quite often so, but the proceedings still are in the mental health zone.

the ep contains 5 tracks, all around the 5 minute mark. riffing, tremolo and furious blast beats carry the sizeable majority. and they are quite well executed. as you would expect from a successful band. sections where the tempo drops see more of a desperate and eerie atmosphere, but again, within the limits of sanity. also, delightful double bass work. i could go on about the drum tone.

the band do not break new ground of breathe fresh air to black metal. and they do not aim to do so. this is overall a solid black metal executed in a classical frame, filled with beautiful melodies and creative material, which develop, repeat and in times recur, instead of fillers. especially the theme of the closer lingers long after the ep ends. but it needs to be said, those beautiful melodies sometimes edge on the outer, calmer realms of black metal. at least the hopeless, “negative void” of the black metal feel we all know and love.


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