author – lopun alku (2017)

hello 2017. hello author and his debut “lopun alku”. actually hello 1994. i freaking missed you. but don’t get it wrong, author is not another “let’s do it lo-fi and fuzzy to sound cool and black metal, forget about creativity, chord progressions or musicianship as long as we make a name for ourselves” act. note that the album hasn’t been officially released yet, will be released at 28th, as a birthday gift to me.

what we have of the finnish one man project’s debut is old school to the bone, all the while not neglecting a clean sound or the genuine black metal feeling. we do not have droning, stretched out passages, 17+ minute songs (not that i have a problem with any of these). this is tremolo, shrieks, blast beats and a no bullshit approach and a tribute to classical black metal. 6 songs and 36 minutes.

just take the opener “kuolevaisen kirous” as an example. breaks open with a magnificent tremolo, progresses, drops the tempo brilliantly, employs double bass drums, breaks down, and you just can’t help banging your head. then bridges to another theme and back to the opener to keep kicking for a while to wrap up after a crescendo around the 5-minute mark. the chord progressions are so measured and creative, like “nemesis divina era satyricon” good. the fifth track “ei ikinä enää” is also head banging good and thick, although sounding rather sorrowful, as some of the moments throughout the album.

as the first half of the 2010’s saw iceland rise to prominence, indisputably, hopefully the second half will see a resurgence of finland. remember deathkin. whatever you do, remember them.


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