orewoet – afrodisiacum der vroomheid (ep, 2016)

the dutch trio orewoet is a newcomer, and they play black metal. essentially, that sort of covers up the basics of the band and their debut ep “afrodisiacum der vroomheid”. this is a tremolo, bass, blast beat and shriek based black metal work with a no bullshit approach. from the first few seconds, you know what is waiting for you and they deliver just that. as you listen on, there are frequent “hang on, i heard that bit before” moments. there are furious and desperate, blast-beat filled early era marduk moments, followed by dark and cold mayhem tremolos, thrash-y and powerful celtic frost bits, some groove and punk in sarcofago style and so on.

however, the result sounds so good, it all works so well as a whole that it keeps you listening. this is solid black metal, perfectly put together, and remember this is what the ep had promised in the first place. besides being a tribute to the elders; the compositions, the shifts in tempo and tone, occasional moments of ritualistic atmosphere with nothing but reverbed tremolo… everything is so in its right place. those passages will haunt you, long after the 5 track, 31 minutes long ep ends.

keep in mind that this is their first work. orewoet is sure to find their sound in time. i just hope they sustain the beautiful black metal feeling in the releases to come.