deathkin – kohti kotiani kaaosta (2016)

this is so good. in a very good way. so satisfying. came out just 2 days ago, just wanted to check what it is and it completely nailed me to my chair. as soon as the first note hit, i was in. the debut of the obviously finnish quintet “kohti kotiani kaaosta” is, like a good debut imaginative and original, but unlike a debut so immaculate and well crafted.

sharing the “anonymous musicians” thing (which is totally getting out of hand) with the newer black metal acts, but that’s all that is. nothing like the new black metal, the album is pleasing the old metalhead in me.  the vocals strike first, sung in finnish with an impressive control and range, clean, angry shouts, operatic, shrills, throat, chanting… there are precious little instrumental parts. the body of the musical structure, full-on distorted guitars are so clean and audible, again unlike the reverb-laden and dissonant newer structure. one of them is in constant lead-mode, swaying within the main melody with delicious tremolo and solos. and that creativity is continuously adding new and exciting material for the listener to discover at each listening. the shift of melodies is further accentuated by a striking drum work, with a thick organic sound, mechanically precise and maniacally furious. so generous with the blast beats and double bass. you just can’t help but bang your head or play the air drum.

while being especially rich in melody, the careful repetition and recurring of the themes creates a hypnotic, uneasy and chaotic atmosphere. and it is commendable to create chaos through coherent structures. slower parts with spoken word / chanting add to the eerie religious feel. the 6 lengthy songs are seamlessly conjoined by the help of short instrumental interludes. this not only creates a sense of one continuous song with chapters, but also hits at your face as the songs burst in full force.

this is good. so good.


urfaust – der freiwillige bettler (2010)

i wanted to keep on enjoying the better-known. there is a dutch duo called urfaust. they do not actually make music as we know it; rather a doom invoking chant, a soundtrack to the end of all hope, joy and life, or simple delirium. der freiwillige bettler (the voluntary beggar) is their last album to date and offers 45 minutes of pain, despair, doom and unconventional black metal majesty. i don’t really know if there are any words (of misspelt german, famous by urfaust), or just shrieks of a deranged person (checked, there are lyrics). the album takes a turn to a weird, after-life atmosphere towards the end and the closing title der zauberer is the song i had picked for the black metal classics list. 

bugün daha iyi bilinen albümlerden devam etmek istedim. urfaust diye hollandalı bir grup var. aslında bildiğimiz şekilde müzik yapmıyorlar. yaptıkları daha ziyade kıyameti çağıran ilahiler veya tüm umudun, neşenin ve hayatın bitişinin fon müziği veya sadece hasta bir ruhun hezeyanları. der freiwillige bettler (gönüllü dilenci) grubun bugüne kadar yaptığı son albüm ve bize 45 dakikalık acı, umutsuzluk, kıyam ve alışılmadık bir black metal ihtişamı sunuyor. şarkı sözleri var mı, yoksa delirmiş birinin yakarışları mı tam olarak emin değilim (baktım, sözler varmış). albüm sonlara doğru iyice tuhaf, kabir sonrası bir atmosfere bürünüyor ve kapanış şarkısı der zauberer’i daha önceden black metal classics listesine de seçmiştim.